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Production and Market of Metazachlor in China

Production and Market of Metazachlor in China

Publishing Date : Feb, 2013

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Report Code : 478943

No of Pages : 18

Production and Market of Metazachlor in China, finished in February 2013, is CCM's second edition report on Chinese metazachlor industry. This intelligent report attaches importance to the following parts:

Supply summary of metazachlor (capacity, output and key manufacturers) during 2008-2012
Detailed study of metazachlor's upstream industries ( 2,6-dimethylaniline and pyrazole's supply, manufacturers, price, etc.)
Production technology of metazachlor
Price of Jiangsu Lanfeng's metazachlor technical during 2009-2012
Forecast on Chinese metazachlor supply & price during 2013-2017

What are the aims of this report?

-To provide readers with comprehensive & in-depth understanding on Chinese metazachlor industry;
-To identify the major suppliers of metazachlor in China;
-To survey the current production situation of metazachlor technical;
-To disclose the supply situation of raw materials;
-To discuss and analyze the price fluctuations and find out reasons for such fluctuations;
-To analyze the export situation of metazachlor;
-To find out what drives and restricts the development of metazachlor industry;
-To predict what the future of China's metazachlor industry will be.

Companies Mentioned
Jiangsu Baoling Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hebei Wuqiao Dapeng Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Shangyu Nutrichem Co., Ltd. Shanghai Heben-Eastsun Medicaments Co., Ltd.
Executive summary 1
Introduction and methodology 2
1 Overview of metazachlor industry 4
1.1 Brief introduction to pesticide industry 4
1.2 Brief introduction to metazachlor industry 6
2 Technology progress of metazachlor 7
3 Introduction to key raw materials of metazachlor 8
4 Registration situation of metazachlor in China 10
5 Supply of metazachlor 11
5.1 Summary of metazachlor technical production 11
5.2 Key metazachlor technical manufacturers 12
5.3 Summary of metazachlor formulations production 14
6 Circulation situation of metazachlor 15
6.1 Export of metazachlor 15
6.2 Price of metazachlor 15
7 Demand for metazachlor 16
8 Future trend 17

Table 1.1-1 Registration quantity of pesticide formulations by specification, as of Jan. 2013
Table 1.1-2 Output structure of pesticides by volume (calculated by 100% technical) in China, 1986-2012 ('000 tonne)
Table 1.1-3 Consumption volume (by technical) of pesticides in China, 2007–2012, tonne
Table 1.1-4 Import and export of pesticides in China, 2009-2012
Table 1.2-1 Output share of metazachlor in herbicide industry in China, 2008-2012
Table 3-1 Major 2, 6-dimethylaniline manufacturers in China, 2013
Table 3-2 Major pyrazole manufacturers in China, 2013
Table 4-1 Valid registrations of metazachlor in China, as of Jan. 2013
Table 5.2-1 Basic information on main metazachlor technical manufacturers in China
Table 5.2-2 Capacity and output of main metazachlor technical manufacturers in China, 2008-2012

Figure 1.1-1 Output share of pesticide technical in major regions of China, 2012
Figure 2-1 Methylene process route for metazachlor technical production
Figure 2-2 Amidation route for metazachlor technical production
Figure 3-1 Ex-works price of 2, 6-dimethylaniline in China, 2010-2012
Figure 5.1-1 Capacity and output of metazachlor technical in China, 2008-2012
Figure 5.2-1 Geographic distribution of active metazachlor technical production by capacity in China, 2012
Figure 6.2-1 Ex-works price of metazachlor 97% technical in Jiangsu Lanfeng, 2009-2012
Figure 8-1 Output forecast of metazachlor technical in China, 2013-2017

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