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Pumps Market in India 2011

Pumps Market in India 2011

Publishing Date : Jan, 2011

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The applications of pumps are seen across sectors including agriculture, industries and domestic use. In agriculture, they are used for irrigation and supply water to farmlands. In industries, it is used to supply water, water management and desalination. In the domestic sector, pumps are generally used in residential households for supply of water. They have been traditionally present in the market with the centrifugal type dominating the market. The market is showing good growth potential owing to the increased demand from each sector because of the rapid expansion in the Indian economy. Technology orientation and growing need of energy efficient techniques in industries will further fuel growth in the market and will help the players to reap the benefits of increased demand. India is also rapidly becoming a big exporter of pumps with changing technology in its products and the cost effectiveness that it exhibits. Rising urban infrastructure and households is definitely going to boost the overall demand of pumps in India.

The report begins with an introduction to pumps market indicating the types of them functional in India. The market overview section provides market size and growth on the basis of volume. Market segmentation on the basis of types is given. The size and growth of the market on the basis of value has been added along with the product segmentation. The sectoral usage of pumps has been indicated showing the growth of the market of pumps with regards to each sector. Usage of pumps within the industrial sector has also been highlighted. It also includes data regarding import and export.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry including expanding infrastructure along with urbanization, growth in important sectors, high replacement market and rising usage of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in steel making. The key challenges include threat from unorganized players, increase in raw material prices and low awareness amongst farmers. Key trends in the market have been analyzed which include large number of fairs and events, technology orientation and foreign companies operating in India.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry along with the domestic market and sector market segmentation of organized and unorganized players. It includes a detailed profile of the major players in the market including their financials.

Geographical Area
Page 1: Executive summary
Page 2: Pumps Market - Segmentation
Market Overview
Page 3: Pumps Market - Overview, Domestic Size & Growth (Volume: 2008-10e), Market Segmentation (2008-2010e)
Page 4: Pumps Market - Overview, Size & Growth (Value: 2010-2015e); Market Segmentation
Page 5: Sectoral Usage of Pumps - Overview; Size & Growth (2010-2015e); Pumps Usage in India (2009-10)
Page 6: Import and Export of Pumps - Overview and Figures (Value and Volume - 2006-2010)
Drivers & Challenges
Page 7: Summary
Page 8-14: Drivers
Page 15-17: Challenges
Page 18: Summary - Key Trends
Page 19-21: Key Trends
Page 22: Competition - Overview, Domestic Pumps Market Share (2009-10) Market Share in Sectors (2009-10)
Page 23-35: Major Players

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