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Fintech Profile: Addepar

Fintech Profile: Addepar

Publishing Date : Oct, 2018

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Report Code : 1319457

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Fintech Profile: Addepar


Addepar offers a cloud-based investment management platform that aggregates all the financial information of family offices, wealth advisors, and private banks, and builds a portfolio analysis to provide a clear view of end-customer investments.


The report provides information and insights into Addepar, including -
- Overview of the company and its product offering
- Detailed insight into its business operation, technology, revenue model, geographical presence and target market
- Information on funding, partnerships, acquisitions, and awards it received
- Biography of top management.

Reasons to buy

- Gain insights into Addepar’s business operations.
- Gain insights into funding and partnerships.
- Gain understanding about its target market and opportunities.

Companies Mentioned
Valor Equity Partners
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Morgan Stanley
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Fremont Group

Geographical Area
United States
Table of Contents
Product Market Mix
Growth & Opportunity
Key People

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