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Watermelon in Brazil 2015 - Food & Beverage Report

Watermelon in Brazil 2015 - Food & Beverage Report

Publishing Date : May, 2016

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Report Code : 144333

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Bras Research is a market research company specialized in the Brazilian market. As such, the company covers a wide range of food and beverage products. Our food and beverage reports capture a particular food or beverage or a similar group of food or beverages related to the Brazilian market. In the Watermelon in Brazil 2015 food and beverage report, we cover the fruit`s production, trade balance and consumption in the country as well as the local market infrastructure. Moreover, we delve deep into trends and developments related to the fruit in Brazil along with international trends that effect the local market. Next, we look at the market size of watermelon and its retail makeup. Following market size and retail, we compare the most popular varieties and usages in Brazil. Finally, we touch on the local supply chain related to key players and how the fruit goes from the field to local store shelves and beyond. The Watermelon in Brazil 2015 food and beverage report is an insightful, professionally prepared report constructed with reliable sources and sound calculations.
About Bras Research; Macroeconomic Analysis; Food and Beverage Report: Watermelon in Brazil; Brazilian Market Infrastructure; Watermelon: Production, Trade and Consumption in Brazil; Table 1: Production, Trade Balance and Domestic Consumption of Watermelon 2010-2015; Table 2: Harvest Area of Watermelon in Brazil 2010-2015; Watermelon: Market Trends and Developments; Watermelon Market Size; Table 3: Retail Market Size for Watermelon in Brazil 2011-2016; Watermelon: Varieties and Retail Prices; Summary 1: Varieties and Usage of Watermelon; Supply Chain and Retail Environment; Supply Chain Overview; Summary 2: Key Companies for Watermelon; Contact Information

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